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Board of Experts & Certified Dealers

Board of Experts
The following collectors and dealers have been asked to act as mediators for our certification program.  They are among the best in their fields, and represent the highest levels of militaria knowledge, experience, and fairness. 

Don Boyle
Mark Caracci
John Casino
Houston Coates
Howard Crouse
Rudy D'Angelo
Gailen David

Kurt Glemser
Craig Gottlieb
Albert Goulet
Skipper Greenwade
Steve Griffith
Arthur Hayes
Gary Juwell
Dan Lee
Dan Liptak
Bob Long
Ray Macy
John Pearson
John Pepera
Carl Robin
Doug Smith
Emilie Caldwell Stewart
Larry Stewart
Brian Ward
Ron Weinand
Field of Expertise
SS Rings
SS and Field Camoflage
General Militaria
German Medals & Guns
Italian Militaria
SS Edged Weapons
"World" Daggers
Mediation Specialist
Current US Decorations
General German Militaria
American Militaria
SS Regalia
3rd Reich Swords
German Militaria
General Militaria
Russian Medals
Japanese Swords
Guns, Edged Weapons
SS Regalia
Medals & Badges
Documents & Soldbuchs
General Militaria
Helmets & Edged Weapons

Certified Dealers

The following dealers are members of the MAX/GDC Certification program in good standing and have sworn to abide by our certified dealer's code of conduct.  You may buy with confidence from these individuals, as they have sworn to conduct business with honor and integrity, and in accordance with the rules of our certified dealer program.  Dealers highlighted in yellow have had their certifications revoked for cause.
Bice, David E. (LIFE)
Bourke, John
Boyle, Don (LIFE)
Brock, Hugh
Brondeau, William
Buckner, Donnie
Brown, Doug & Marie
Burger, Joe (LIFE)
Burger, Ollie (LIFE)
Burmeister, Jason
Calderone, Matthew (LIFE)
Carter, Paul (LIFE)
Casino, John (LIFE)
Chilton, Matthew (LIFE)
Clark, Stephen (LIFE)
Coates, Houston (LIFE)
Crouse, Howard (LIFE)
D'Angelo, Rudy (LIFE)
David, Gailen (LIFE)
Demel, Robert (LIFE)
Desember, Sendjaja
Dubas, Walter (LIFE)
Elwell, FW
Favia, Giacomo (LIFE)
Ferrini, Frank
Flurchick, Thomas (LIFE)
Gambino, Sterling*
Glemser, Kurt (LIFE)
Gottlieb, Craig (LIFE)
Goulet, Albert (LIFE)
Graetz, Norbert
Greenwade, Skipper (LIFE)
Griffith, Steve (LIFE)
Hansen, Mike (LIFE)
Harr, Doug & Peg (LIFE)
Hayes, Arthur (LIFE)
Hogle, Paul (LIFE)
Huet MD, William
Iqbal, Robert F. (LIFE)
Jasper, Ken (LIFE)*
Juwell, Gary (LIFE)
Kelley, Howard
Knorr, Francis
Kunz, Fritz (LIFE)
Lee, Dan (LIFE)
Leslie, James (LIFE)
Liptak, Dan (LIFE)
Lukacs, Peter
Long, Bob (LIFE)
Macy, Ray (LIFE)
Morrow, Joel
Mouser, David
Notarpole, George
Pearson, John
Pepera, John (LIFE)
Rose, Buzz
Robin, Carl (LIFE)
Rodgers, Bob (LIFE)
Rouse, Ken SGM (Ret)
Salazar, Thomas (LIFE)
Schramek, Jeff
Schreiber, Earl (Rick)
Smith, Doug (LIFE)
Stewart, Emilie Caldwell (LIFE)
Stewart, Larry (LIFE)
Thomas, Craig
Tiainen, Jani (LIFE)
Tsapenko, Sergei
Van Sant, Bret (LIFE)
Versailles, Richard Alan (LIFE)
Ward, Brian (LIFE)
Weinand, Ron (LIFE)