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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Certification for Sale?

Although there is a modest $25.00 a year fee for certification (or a $100 fee if you wish to become certified for life), certification is NOT for sale.  This fee covers the costs of producting certified dealer pins, plaques, postage, and administration of the program and website.

If everyone can get certified, why should I trust a certified dealer more?
Certification does not guarantee that a dealer is an expert in his field.  It does not even guarantee that he is honest.  It simply indicates that he or she has sworn to uphold the dealer certification code of conduct, and has submitted themselves to scrutiny and possible discipline action by certification representatives.  You can generally trust a certified dealer because he has voluntarily put his reputation on the line for public scrutiny, and has agreed to abide by the decisions made by our Board of Experts should a problem arise.  Keep this quesiton in mind, however: Would a dishonest and ignorant dealer even apply for certification?  Obviously not.

Are dealers screened and evaluated before gaining certification?
In a sense, dealers pre-screen themselves before applying: because applicants know that they will face consequences should they violate the dealer code of conduct, dishonest ones will be less likely to apply in the first place.  Why?  Because they KNOW that they will eventually lose their certification, and have that fact recorded as a matter of public record.  What criminal in his right mind would subject himself to this program by applying?

Is the program only for full-time dealers?
No.  Our program affords collectors, part-time dealers, as well as full-time dealers the opportunity to take advantage of our program.   If you believe in our principles and in our code of conduct, get certified and show the world what you stand for.

How can I tell that a person using your logo is actually certified?
All certified dealers will be listed on our certified dealer page.  While we will make every effort to ensure that our program is not abused, the possibility still exists.   Therefore, all certified dealers will be listed on our website for cross-referencing. 

Can't someone use Certification as a cover to sell bad merchandise?
Sure they can.  But if caught by MAX Promotion staff or a GDC Certification representative breaking the code of conduct, they will lose their certification permanently.  What's more, the dealer will be publically listed as having lost his or her certification due to a violation of the code of conduct.  This threat is "the muscle" behind our program.

Why don't you require certified dealers to offer a lifetime guarantee?
While we do not require it, most certified dealers have a written lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  The reason we don't require it is because some dealers prefer to simply sell and move on to the next deal.  True, some do this to pass on bad merchandise, hoping that you will not question an item before the inspection period ends.  However, there are some dealers who simply prefer to operate within the parameters of their inspection period.  Still, we highly suggest you purchase from people with lifetime guarantees of authenticity.

How do I challenging a piece sold to me by a Certified Dealer?
You should always seek to resolve problems with the certified dealer or collector who sold you the item you have questions about.  Often, a good talk over the phone or in person will clear up any problems you may have.  However, if you arrive at an impass, or feel that using the mechanisms offered by our program will be fruitfull, please contact us with details.  If it is determined that an item needs to be sent to a member of the Board of Experts, we will identify the board member best qualified to evaluate the item.  You, the dealer who sold you the item, and the board member will be notified so that you can ship the item to the board member for evaluation.

If a decision is made in a buyer's favor, does it mean the dealer was a crook?
Of course not! 
If the board member decides in your favor, it does NOT mean the dealer was dishonest, but that the dealer simply disagreed with your opinion about the authenticity of the item in question, and wanted an objective third party to take a look.

I'm sending an item for evaluation.  Is there a fee?
There is a $50.00 processing fee (payable to the board of experts member) that is 100% refundable should an item you are questioning be deemed NOT authentic or NOT as-described.   If the item passes the evaluation, the fee is NOT refunded, and will cover an authentication letter written by the evaluator to you.  This fee-rule is designed to prevent over-sensitive collectors from using the certification program as a means to get free peace-of-mind.  The $50.00 is what most experts charge collectors to professionally evaluate items in their area of expertise, and we feel it is fair, especially since you get a refund if the item turns out to be bad.

What about Shipping and Insurance?
Shipping and insurance to and from the expert we assign to evaluate an item is initially the buyer's responsibility.  An item sent for evaluation MUST be sent using a method of shipping that requires a delivery signature.  If the item in question is deemed not authentic, not as-described, or the transaction is found to have violated our code of conduct, both parties will be notified so that the item can be returned to the dealer.  In cases where fraudulent intent is CLEARLY evident, or in cases where a dealer refuses to honor the findings of the board-of-experts member, a certified dealer may have his certification revoked.

Okay, I want to become Certified.  How do I Pay?
When you submit your application, you will receive payment instructions.   You may send a check or money order to the address provided, or you may call Debbie at Wittmann Militaria at (
856)-231-0323 to give her your credit card information.  The address is: MAX PRODUCTIONS, PO BOX 350, Moorsetown, NJ 08057.  You may also apply for certification at the MAX show.