Army Officer Dagger Government official's dagger. Easter Territory (Gold) Government Official Dagger. Diplomatic Dagger by Alcoso (Crossguard eagle faces in the opposite direction to the eagle on the pommel).
First model Navy dagger. Deluxe Hammered Pattern Navy Dagger. Navy officer dagger with regulation lightening bolt scabbard. Puma "Navy Assault" Dagger
NSFK Flyer Knife DLV Flyer Knife 55cm DLV Flyer Dagger by Weyersberg. First model Luftwaffe dagger.
2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger (Etched) SA (Sturmabteilung) Brownshirt Dagger. SA Honor Dagger. Chained SA High Leader with early rivet-type center scabbard fitting.
SA "Bird's Head" Presentation Dagger. 1933 Model SS Dagger. Chained SS with Plated Fittings
NSKK (SA Motor Transport Corps) Dagger. 1936 pattern NSKK Chained Dagger.
NPEA Student Dagger by Bergsmuller NPEA Staff Leader dagger. Chained NPEA Leader Dagger Teno (Emergency Corps) Enlisted Hewer with frog and portepee.
Teno (Emergency Corps) Officer Dagger.  1935 pattern (first model) railway dagger. Second pattern railway officer's dagger.
Full stag RAD (Labor Corps) Enlisted Hewer. RAD (Labor Corps) 1938 pattern leader's dagger. Fire Official's Dagger
Postal protection official's dagger. Water protection police dagger (without grip emblem). Water protection police dagger with grip emblem. Red Cross enlisted hewer.
Red Cross Officer (identifiable by the square holes in the scabbard rings). Social Welfare Officer's Dagger (notice the round holes in the scabbard rings). Hitler Youth Knife (this example does not exhibit a motto, though many do have a motto on the obverse of the blade). Hitler Youth leader dagger.
Land Customs service dagger.  Sea Customs Dagger by Horster.
2nd Model RLB Officer dagger. First Model RLB (Air Raid Protection) enlisted man's dagger. Second Model RLB (Air Raid Protection) enlisted man's dagger. Hunting Association Hirschfanger.
Senior deluxe forestry official's cutlass. Standard Rifle Association Dagger. Early Rifle Association Dagger.
  Original model Herman Goering Presentation Dagger.