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Our reference links are composed of websites that contain accurate and reliable information on a given subject matter of interest to military antique collectors.


SS Officer Research Center (Bernie Brule)
This is Bernie Brule's informative website on SS Artifacts.  Bernie, a moderator on our forum, is the author of The Key - a very handy book that will tell you if a numbered SS piece belonged to an officer, and is therefore "researchable." 
Luftwaffe Information Site. I stumbled upon this site while doing research for some Luftwaffe Cuff titles that I purchased.  Full of GREAT information on the Luftwaffe.  Confused by all the units, designations, etc?  This site is for you.  Lots of great graphics.
Rank Insignia Illustrations.  This site is a good basic "identification resource" for the various rank insignia for almost all branches and organizations of the Third Reich.
Police Warrant Disks
Don Bible is considered to be the foremost expert on the subject of German Police Warrant Disks.  According to Don, most of the disks found at shows are high-quality reproductions.  His site tells you how to spot the real ones.
Bayonete Collector's Network
This group is dedicated to bringing German bayonet and militaria collectors from all over the world together on the Internet to share information at no cost.  They have a very high sense of community and esprit de corps, and are a very friendly and honest bunch.  If you like bayonetes, check out the BCN. 
German Army Foreign Volunteer Insignia Guide
The site shows arm shields worn by foreign volunteers serving in the German armed forces. The volunteers came from as far a field as Siberia, Arabia and Norway.
Third Reich Fact Book
Ever wondered who commanded what German military unit?   This site can help.  It's filled with obscure but interesting information on the German Order of Battle.  The site also has information on the political and government groups in Hitler's Germany.
Axis Biographical Research
A comprehensive online source of information concerning the personalities of the European Axis nations.  This is a great research tool if you're researching commanders of Battalions and above.
German Awards
The Wehrmacht-Awards website provides historical and technical information on german medals and badges, and is well organized and full of information.  They have a forum very much like ours, and I highly suggest that you join!
German Military Collectables
A photographic guide to uniforms and headgear of German Panzertruppe as worn during the Second World War.
SS Order of Battle Research Page
This website is an easy-to-use, pull-down menu driven site where you can research various Waffen-SS units.  The site provides great detail on just about every Waffen-SS unit.  GREAT if you have a numbered SS piece and want to conduct research on the unit the former owner of your piece was in.  I haven't (and couldn't) checked the site for accuracy, but it sure looks impressive!