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With over 100,000 visitors and millions of hits since inception on December 1, 1999, our online community is the fastest growing, busiest, and most diverse web site dedicated to the militaria collector on the internet today.  With over 9000 registered members and more than 15 thousand lurkers, your business can greatly benefit from an advertisement in our community.

Why choose us?
Simple, advertising is a numbers game. The more people who see your ad the more people who will visit your site. Also the more times your ad is seen the better your chances are of getting your ad noticed. We average over 100,000 page views per month (and therefore over 100,000 banner impressions per month).  No other militaria site even comes close and and our numbers are only increasing.  Here are our current advertisers:

How does advertising with you help me get business?
Banner advertising increases your exposure on the internet and makes customers more aware of your site.  But more importantly, since high standards of knowledge and integrity are prerequisites for being accepted as an advertiser, our members know that if they see your banner, you can be trusted.  It's like a stamp of approval.   It's also been shown that our members support those who support our website.   They know that your advertising dollars help keep "The Forum" (the most popular part of our website) free for them to enjoy and learn from.

Who can advertise?
Not every potential advertiser is accepted into our advertising program.  This is because we screen our advertisers to make sure that our affiliation with them is good for our community.  Please remember that just because a company advertises with us does not mean that they are infallable.  There are three factors we look at when considering an advertising applicant. 

  • Integrity.  We demand the highest level of integrity from every advertiser.  Dealers that have many questionable items on their websites, or who have a "shady" reputation are not invited to become advertisers.
  • Knowledge.  You don't have to be an accomplished author to advertise on our website.  However, we do expect that if you are a dealer, that you have a level of knowledge that the average collector can rely on.
  • Relevance.  You don't have to be a dealer to advertise with us!  However, we look at every advertiser's relevance to our community mission.  This is good for you and good for our members.   We will generally not look for sponsors who wish to sell watches, spy cameras, and other goods and services not relevant to the militaria hobby.
  • Guarantee.  All dealers who advertise with us must subscribe to the Max/GDC Code of conduct and must offer a refund policy that is in accordance with that code.  Advertisers must guarantee all items that he or she sells to be authentic or as described, and must offer a full refund (less shipping) of the original purchase price should an item be deemed not original or not "as described" by our Board of Experts.

How many advertisers do you plan on having?
We have decided to limit the number of regular advertisers to 15 at any one time.   This means your banner won't get lost in a huge pile of other banners.   In fact, with the traffic we receive, your banner will probably be "exposed" at any given minute of the day to several potential clients.  As an advertiser, as long as you maintain your advertising account in good standing, you may continue to retain your slot.

Will my rates increase?
Subject to modest increases in advertising based upon inflation and site relevance (if our site gets millions of hits a day on a regular basis, you can expect ad rates to increase!), your rate is "locked in" for the remainder of your advertising period.

How much does it cost?
Advertising costs $175 for 6 months or $300 for a prepaid full year (a 15% savings when you prepay).  When you compare the advertising costs with the magnitude of exposure and additional sales benefits, advertising in our community is unbelievable bargain.   As a regular advertiser, you may also place special "monthly" ads in addition to your regular ad (see below for more details). 

Where will my advertisement be displayed?
We have several areas on our website - the forum, the classified section, the galleries, and other "general" pages such as the chatroom and other pages on our site.  Our advertising program allows us to create code that will place ads on any page.  While we do not wish to bombard our members and visitors with advertising (we all hate that, don't we!), ad-space will generally appear on 75% of our website at the top and bottom of various pages. 

What format does my banner have to be in?
All banners must be in either .gif, or .jpg format. Banners should be sized at 468x60 pixels and no more than 15k in size to minimize download times.

If I pay more can I get more banner exposure?
For those businesses that desire higher visibility, we offer some custom tailored "high-visibility" packages that gives additional weight to your banner over other banners.  Contact us and we can discuss an ad program that works for you.   However, to obtain a 50% increase in "weight" your banner receives, the cost for one year of premium advertising is $500.00.  Just as we have limited the number of site andvertisers to 20, we have placed a limit on the number of premium advertising slots to 5 of those advertisers.  As long as you maintain your premium advertising account in good standing, you may continue to renew your premium advertising slot.  NOTE: There 1s currently one premium ad spaces available.  If you would like to be placed on the waiting list, please contact us.  Current advertisers will receive priority wait-list status.

So what do you do with my ad dollar?
All monies which come in will pay for our maintenance, product giveaways, and our advertising on other media. Each month we have a surplus we will either make larger magazine ads or expand our services within the site itself.

Can I change my banner?
You are allowed 1 free banner substitution per month, any additional banner substitutions will have a $25 service charge attached (in addition to any fees charged if we create your banner for you).

What ads would you not approve?
We will not allow competitor bashing, nor will ads like "WE WILL BEAT ANY OTHER DEALER BY XX%" be allowed. This sort of behavior does not promote a healthy atmosphere. You can do this on your site but not ours.  Ads like "Great Deals all the time" are OK.

Can I have more than one banner?
You certainly can! If you are a current advertiser, and are having a sale or special event, or you want to promote a specific item, we can offer you an additional banner in the system for $30.00 per month.  Of course, you can opt to change your "normal" banner if you prefer.

How would running multiple banners help my business?
Good question. Our suggestion would be to have 1 "standard" banner that you run year long, and then perhaps use another banner for a sale you are holding on your website for that month.  Or, if you are promoting a show in your area, or want to advertise your presence at somebody elses show, that "one month" banner (see above) might be just the thing.

Do we design banners?
Yes.  Generally, we will build you a banner for $50.00.  If a banner requires additional work, we will quote you on a case by case basis.

How do I pay?
You may pay by cash, check, money order, or by credit card using PayPal.  Contact us for details. An Invoice will be provided on request. 


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