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Walther PP and PPK Serial Numbers

Walther began production of the Model PP (Polizeipistole or police pistol) in 1929. It was followed by the Model PPK (Polizeipistole Kriminal or police pistol - detective model). Production continued at the Walthers factory until 1945. This table contains the beginning and ending serial numbers by year based on original shipping records. Gaps in the numbers represents items produced after the last recorded shipment for the indicated year. If anyone has questions or suggestions, please contact [email protected].

Walther PP & PPK Serial Number Examples

Walther PP Serial Number (early)

Walther PP Serial Number (late)

Walther PPK Serial Number (early)

Walther PPK Serial Number (late)

Walther PP & PPK Serial Number Table by Year

Walther Model PP Walther Model PPK
YearFromTo YearFromTo
19317669xx 19317700xx7705xx
19327730xx 19327749xx7801xx
19338005xx8057xx 19337830xx7982xx
19348118xx8120xx 19348074xx8271xx
19358160xx8178xx 19358290xx9327xx
19368893xx9426xx 19369357xx
19379674xx9773xx 19379558xx9886xx
19389833xx100xxxx/1455xxP 19381276xxK1745xxK
19391555xxP1563xxP 19391789xxK2462xxK
19401576xxP2032xxP 1940262xxxK3072xxK
19412153xxP2202xxP 1941311xxxK3580xxK
19422250xxP2826xxP 19423585xxK3907xxK
19432879xxP 19434004xxK4081xxK
19442889xxP3747xxP 19444096xxK4264xxK
19453802xxP3906xxP 19454274xxK4309xxK