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Waffenfarbe Guide

This is an identification guide for the Waffenfarbe colors used from 1939 until 1945 for Heer, SS, and Luftwaffe service designations. If anyone has questions or suggestions, please contact [email protected].

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Color SampleColor NameHeerSSLuftwaffe
WhiteInfantry PersonnelInfantry PersonnelGenerals, Infantry Personnel
Light GrayPropaganda PersonnelMain Offices der SS/GeneralsNot Used
Dark GrayNot UsedPersonal Staff der Reichfuhrer SSNot Used
BlackEngineer PersonnelEngineer PersonnelAir Ministry Staff, Engineer Personnel
Sky BlueNot UsedAdministration PersonnelNot Used
Light BlueTransport & Supply PersonnelTransport & Supply Personnel, SS-FeldpostSupply Personnel, Field Police
Grey BlueSpecialist OfficersNot UsedNot Used
Dark BlueMedical PersonnelMedical PersonnelMedical Personnel
Bright RedGenerals, Artillery PersonnelArtillery PersonnelAnti-Aircraft Personnel
CrimsonGeneral StaffVeterinary PersonnelGeneral Staff
Light BrownNot UsedConcentration Camp PersonnelNot Used
Copper BrownReconn (to 1941)Reconn (to 1942)Signals Personnel
SalmonNot UsedMilitary GeologistsNot Used
RoseArmor/Reconn PersonnelArmor/Anti-Tank PersonnelEngineer Personnel
Bordeaux RedNot UsedLegal Service PersonnelNot Used
Wine RedSmoke/Chemical Service PersonnelSmoke/Chemical Service PersonnelJudicial Personnel
Lemon YellowSignals PersonnelSignal & Propaganda PersonnelNot Used
Golden YellowCavalry/Reconn PersonnelCavalry/Motorized Reconn PersonnelFlight Personnel, Paratroops, Attached Army Officers
OrangeOrdnance PersonnelFeldgendarmerie/Technical Service Service OfficersRecalled Personnel
Red OrangeMilitary PoliceNot UsedNot Used
Grass GreenMountain/Light Infantry PersonnelSS-Polizei Divison/Mountain/Light Infantry PersonnelAir Traffic Control Personnel
Police GreenNot UsedSD - Security PersonnelNot Used
Dark GreenArmored Infantry PersonnelOfficers on Special ServiceAdministrative Personnel, Attached Navy Officers
Red/GrayNot UsedTechnical OfficersNot Used