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U.S. Korean War Army, Corps, and Division Patches

Includes patches for each Army, Corps, and Division deployed during The Korean War.

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U.S. Army Groups/Corps

U.S. 8th Army

I Corps

IX Corps

X Corps

5th Air Force

20th Air Force

U.S. Army Divisions

2nd Division

3rd Division

7th Division

24th Division

25th Division

40th Division

45th Division

1st Cavalry Division

2nd Armored Division

101st Airborne Division

101st/187th Airborne Regiment

1st Marine Division

U.S. Army Regiments

5th Infantry Regiment Combat Team

27th Infantry Regiment

29th Infantry Regiment

31th Infantry Regiment

35th Infantry Regiment

65th Infantry Regiment

U.S. Army Specialized and Support Units

1st Ranger Company

2nd Ranger Company

3rd Ranger Company

4th Ranger Company

2nd Chemical Mortar Battalion

532nd Engineer Boat and Shore Regiment

Korean Military Advisory Group

Korean Service Corps

Korean Communications Zone