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U.S. WW2 Command, Department, Ground Force, and Service Corps Patches

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U.S. Army Commands

Atlantic Base Command

Eastern Defense Command

AntiAircraft Artillery Eastern Defense Command

AntiAircraft Artillery Western Defense Command

Iceland Base Command

Greenland Base Command

Bermuda Base Command

Labrador/Northeast/Central Canada Command

Carribean Defense Command

Persian Gulf Base Command

London Base Command

Western Pacific Defense Command

U.S. Strategic Air Force Headquarters

Allied Forces Headquarters

U.S. Army Departments

Alaskan Department

Antillies Department

Panama Canal Department

Hawaiian Department


U.S. Army Commands

U.S. Army Ground Forces

U.S. Armored Center

U.S. Army Ground Forces Replacement Depot

Replacement and School Command

AntiAircraft Command

Airborne Command

Army Service Forces

Ports of Embarkation

U.S. Army Service Commands

1st Corps Service Command

2nd Corps Service Command

3rd Corps Service Command

4th Corps Service Command

5th Corps Service Command

6th Corps Service Command

7th Corps Service Command

8th Corps Service Command

9th Corps Service Command

Northwest Service Command

Military District Washington

Army Service Force Training Command