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RZM Codes - M2 Metal Work Suppliers

The Reichzeugmeisterei der NSDAP was responsible for setting standards and controlled all aspects of the manufacture, wholesaling, and retailing of all articles used by the members of the NSDAP and it's associated organizations. The RZM was established in 1934 and was fully operational by 1936. If anyone has questions or suggestions, please contact

RZMCompany NameRZMCompany NameRZMCompany Name
M2/139Gerog Wetzel M2/173Karl Peters, Jr. M2/179Peter Prass
M2/168Fritz Balke M2/174Wilhelm Otto M2/180Karl Muller
M2/169Gebrüder Tueckmantel M2/175Willy Goeddertz M2/181Bremshey & Co.
M2/170E. Steineshoff & Sohne M2/176Rudy u. Karl Kraus M2/182Robert Hartmann
M2/171Gottfried Reuter M2/177Luettgens & Engels M2/183Julius Kirschner & Sohn
M2/172Gebrüder Knoth M2/178Oskar Jenish