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German Ribbon Bar Chart

This chart was produced by the U.S. Army during WW2 and used to identify the ribbons worn by German Military personnel. Note that the names used are the ones on the original chart and may not correspond to the actual medal names. If anyone has questions or suggestions, please contact [email protected].

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Iron Cross - 1914

Iron Cross - 1939

War Service Cross

War Service Medal

Eastern Front - 1941-42

War Cross of Honor

Party Service Badge - 24 Years

Party Service Badge - 15 Years

Party Service Badge - 10 Years

German Social Service

Long Service Medal

Entry into Austria Medal

Entry into Sudatenland Medal

Westwall Service Medal - 1939-40

Entry into Memel Medal

Olympic Games Medal

German Mothers Cross

Firemans Medal

Baltic Cross - 1919-20

Air Raid Protection Service

Prussian War Effort Cross

Prussian Lifesaving Medal

Silesian Eagle - 1919-20

Baden Military Service Cross

Bavarian Military Service Cross

King Ludwig Cross

Prince Regent Luitpold Cross

Bavarian Military Service Badge

Bavarian Medal of Valor

Wurttemburg Military Service Cross

Austrian Medal of Valor

Karl Troop Cross

Austrian War Service Medal

Tirol Service Medal

Hamburg Hansa War Cross

Bremen Hansa War Cross

Lubeck Hansa War Cross

Bulgarian Medal of Valor

Bulgarian War Service Medal

Hungarian War Service Medal

Croatian Medal of Valor

Slovakian Medal of Valor

African Service Medal

Italian Medal of Valor

Italian Service Medal

Finnish Service Medal

Finnish Liberation Cross - 1st class

Finnish Liberation Cross - 2nd class

Finnish Liberation Cross - 3rd class

Spanish Military Medal of Valor

Spanish Wartime Service Cross

Spanish Peacetime Service Cross

Spanish Campaign Medal

Spanish Wound Medal

Spanish Survivors Ribbon

Spanish Eastern Front Ribbon

Romanian Medal of Valor and Loyalty

Romanian Faithful Service Cross

Romanian Medal of Valor

Romanian Order of the Crown - Type 2

Romanian Order of the Crown - Type 1

Romanian Faithful Service Cross

Romanian Medical Service Cross

Romanian Faithful Service Medal

Romanian Eastern Front Service

Cross of Queen Marie of Romania

Romanian Fliers Medal of Valor

Romanian Fliers Order of Valor

Star of Romania

Eastern Volunteers Bronze Cross

Eastern Volunteers Silver Cross

Eastern Volunteers Gold Cross