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Eickhorn Feldherrn Serie (Commander Series) Swords Identification Guide

During the mid to late 1930's, the Carl Eickhorn firm produced a series of swords named for famous men in German history. Named the Feldherrn Serie (Commander Series) by Eickhorn, collectors refer to this group as the "Field Marshall" series even through only 4 of the 9 actually held that rank. Original design drawings produced by Paul Casberg exist for most of the swords. The earliest drawing, for the "Wrangel" pattern, is dated 1936. The last drawings, for the "Blucher" and "Roon" patterns, are dated 1938. All of the designs were patented by Eickhorn and are usually marked "Ges. Gesch" on the bottom of the cross guard. The "squirrel holding sword" and the "over the shoulder squirrel" are the normal maker marks seen. During the course of production, some variations in the materials used for the hilt can be seen. The hilts of the "heavy" variations are made of gilded brass while the "light" versions are made of gilded or plated alloy. Based on the design dates, swords produced by other makers or produced by Eickhorn prior to 1936 are not considered part of the "Field Marschall" series. To the best of our knowledge, all the examples shown are original pre-1945 manufacture. If anyone has questions or suggestions, please contact [email protected].

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Eickhorn Sword Identification Guide

Pattern 1693 - Wrangel (left facing Eagle)
Friedrich Heinrich Ernst Graf von Wrangel (April 13, 1784 � November 2, 1877) was a Generalfeldmarschall of the Prussian Army

Pattern 1693 - Wrangel (right facing Eagle
Friedrich Heinrich Ernst Graf von Wrangel (April 13, 1784 � November 2, 1877) was a Generalfeldmarschall of the Prussian Army

Pattern 1706 - Scharnhorst
Gerhard Johann David Waitz von Scharnhorst (12 November 1755 � 28 June 1813) was a Prussian General and Chief Staff noted for his reforms of the army and for leadership during the Napoleonic Wars

Pattern 1710 - Blucher
Gebhard Leberecht von Bl�cher (December 16, 1742 � September 12, 1819) was a Prussian Generalfeldmarschall who led the Prussian army against Napoleon I.

Pattern 1714 - von Stein
Heinrich Friedrich Karl Reichsfreiherr vom Stein (25 October 1757 � 29 June 1831) was a Prussian statesman who introduced reforms that led to the unification of Germany

Pattern 1716 - Roon (since the langet is engraved, the Wehrmacht Eagle, Oak Leaves, and Crossed Cannons have been seen)
Albrecht Theodor Emil Graf von Roon (30 April 1803 � 23 February 1879) was a Prussian Lieutenant-General and served as the Prussian Minister of War

Pattern 1734 - Zieten
Hans Joachim von Zieten (14 May 1699 � 26 January 1786) was a Prussian cavalry General who served in numerous wars and battles during the reign of Frederick the Great

Pattern 1735 - Derfflinger
Georg von Derfflinger (20 March 1606 � 14 February 1695) was a Fieldmarschall in the army of Brandenburg-Prussia during and after the Thirty Years' War (1618�1648)

Pattern 1765 - Prinz Eugen
Prince Eugene of Savoy (18 October 1663 � 21 April 1736), was one of the most successful military commanders in modern European history, rising to the highest offices of state at the Imperial court in Vienna

Pattern 1767 - Lutzow
Ludwig Adolf Wilhelm Freiherr von L�tzow (May 18, 1782 � December 6, 1834) was a Prussian Lieutenant-general notable for his organization and command of the L�tzow Freikorps during the Napoleonic Wars