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Helmet Decal Guide

This is an identification guide for the different types of helmet decals used in Germany from 1935 until 1945. Unless otherwise noted, all photographs are of original authentic items of the period. This guide is for identification only. To correctly authenticate an item, it's size, color, and composition details must be examined. Please note that ALL of these decals have been reproduced. If anyone has questions or suggestions, please contact [email protected].

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Military Helmet Decals

1st pattern Army Decal (prewar)

2nd pattern Army Decal

Navy Decal

1st pattern Luftwaffe Decal

2nd pattern Luftwaffe Decal

1st pattern Tricolor Decal

2nd pattern Tricolor Decal

Party/Miscellaneous Helmet Decals

1st pattern SS Decal

2nd pattern SS Decal

SS-VT Decal

Mirror Rune SS Decal

1st pattern Polizei Decal

2nd Pattern Polizei Decal

1st pattern Party Emblem Decal

2nd pattern Party Emblem Decal

SA Feldherenhalle Decal

SA Feldherenhalle Party Emblem Decal

SA Decal

SA Party Eagle Decal

RLB Decal

Luftschutz Decal

RAD Decal

TeNo Decal

Org. Todt Decal

NSKK Eagle Decal

Red Cross Decal

Freikorps Sauerland Decal

Freikorps Sauerland Decal

Freikorps Sauerland Decal

SS-Heimwehr Danzig Decal

Austrian Police Decal

Dutch TeNo Decal