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Welcome to the GDC Spring Raffle. Hopefully this will give everyone something to look forward to in April!  The drawing will be held on Sunday, April 20. The grand prize will be selected based on the number of tickets  sold. As usual, there will be some other goodies if you don't win the grand prize, including copies of the currrent Wittmann books  donated by Tom Wittmann. The grand prize will be:  

200 tickets or less - WKC Army dagger. The dagger is in EXC+ condition. The blade shows bright with sharp trademark.  Fittings are perfect, scabbard is nice and straight. The grip is a beautiful dark orange and  is one of the nicest I have seen.  

201 to 400 tickets - Eickhorn Fire Official dagger. The dagger is in EXC++ condition. The blade shows good etch and trademark.  Fittings are sharp, scabbard has good leather. The ebony grip is perfect. A dagger many avoid because of repros but this one is from   a major dealer.  

401 tickets or more - Robert Klaas SS dagger. The dagger is in EXC+ condition. The blade had good crossgraining and sharp etching  Fittings are perfect, scabbard is EXC++ with good anodizing. The ebony grip, eagle, and  emblem are mint. This is a near mint example.  

Tickets are $10 each.   Click on either photo for a larger image. 

Thanks to all who buy tickets to support the web site! Visit the forum to see the current ticket count!

Click here to buy a ticket in the GDC Store.  


These are the winners some of the last raffles:

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yankowski55.jpg (97295 bytes)   sawinner.jpg (39619 bytes)  Mike holding up his Iron Cross (and the SS he wishes he won!) 


Please note: Click here to see how we pick the winning number.