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U.S. WW2 Army, Army Group, and Corps Patches

Includes patches for each Army, Army Group, and Corps deployed during WW2.

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U.S. Army Groups

Activated 1943
Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force

Army Air Force
Activated 1943
Headquarters Army Air Force

1st Army Group
Activated 1943
Became the Phantom Army Group

6th Army Group
Activated 1944
Southern Army Group

12th Army Group
Activated 1944
Main Allied Army in Europe

15th Army Group
Activated 1943
Allied Forces in Italy

U.S. Armys

1st Army

2nd Army

3rd Army

4th Army

5th Army

6th Army

7th Army

8th Army

9th Army

10th Army

14th Army

15th Army

U.S. Army Corps

1st Armored Corps

1st Corps

2nd Corps

3rd Corps

4th Corps

5th Corps

6th Corps

7th Corps

8th Corps

9th Corps

10th Corps

11th Corps

12th Corps

13th Corps

14th Corps

15th Corps

18th Corps

19th Corps

20th Corps

21st Corps

22nd Corps

24th Corps

33rd Corps
Phantom Corps

37th Corps
Phantom Corps