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Dagger Motto Guide

This is an identification guide for the different types of mottos used on the NSDAP daggers in Germany. If anyone has questions or suggestions, please contact

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Early SA ("Christmas") Dagger Motto - "Everything for Germany"SA Dagger Motto - "Everything for Germany"
SS Dagger Motto - "My Honor is Loyalty"SS Dagger Motto - "My Honor is Loyalty" - "!" in motto used by Jacobs & Co. and Klittermann & Moog
SA/SS Dagger Ernst Rohm inscription - "In Cordial Friendship, Ernst Rohm"SS Dagger H. Himmler inscription - "In Cordial Friendship, H. Himmler"
Feldherrnhalle Dagger Motto - "Everything for Germany"NPEA (Burgsmuller) Dagger Motto - "Be More than You Appear to Be"
NPEA (Eickhorn) Dagger Motto - "Be More than You Appear to Be"Hitler Youth Knife Motto - "Blood and Honor"
Hitler Youth Leader Dagger Motto - "Blood and Honor"RAD Hewer/Leader Dagger Motto - "Labor Ennobles"