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SA High Leader with Rivet-type chain. SA High Leader  This dagger was was adopted in 1938 for wear by High Leaders of the SA.  Produced exclusively by the Eickhorn firm, it was modeled after the dagger worn by Victor Lutze.

Manufacturers Although damascus political-type daggers are sometimes found, this dagger was produced exclusively by the Eickhorn firm.

Construction The blade is constructed of maiden-hair pattern damascus steel.  Fine grain leather covers the scabbard, with a seam usually visible on the chain-side of the scabbard.  The chain comes in two varieties, discussed below. 

Rarity Rare

Variations Two variations exist.  The 1st variation (pictured) exhibits a riveted center scabbard fitting.   The 2nd and later type exibits a "ring" fitting.  The dagger can be found with three tradmark types - the earlier version (with the rivet-type fitting) is usually found with the small double-oval trademark, and very occasionally, with the squirrel-holding-sword trademark (the example pictured exhibits this mark).  The later examples are found with the over-the-shoulder squirrel.
Warnings While extremely rare, identifying an original SA High Leader dagger is very easy to do.  Leather should extend to, but not under, the upper and lower scabbard fittings.   Additionally, look for gold lettering that exhibits a more subdued, matte finish.  Reproductions often exhibit shiney gold plating.  Paul Muller also produced, after the war, many genuine damascus blades, many of which found their way onto dagger fittings.