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Manufacturers Bergsmuller and Eickhorn.  There is some debate over whether or not Bergsmuller was an actual manufacturer, or simply an assembler and distributor.

Construction The chain clip on Textbook examples should be unplated and should be "DRGM" marked.  The photo below (courtesy of Tom Wittmann), illustrates this clip.  Please note: Some examples have been found with an "A" marking to the right of the DRGM box, denoting the manfuacturer of the clip, the Assmann firm.  The chain is connected to the scabbard fittings by crude brass connector links (see below).  These links are joined with a spot of lead, and the link is often broken.

Most Bergsmuller examples have a wider center scabbard fitting that exhibits a square connector bit welded to the side of the fitting (similar to a Chained SS fitting).  Most Eickhorn examples have a thinner center scabbard fitting with a ring-type connector.  It is the same fitting found on the Chained NSKK.  Genuine examples will lack a center scabbard fitting screw.  Although the center fitting differs on products by the two firms, both center scabbard fittings are held in place by the force of the upper lip of the fitting.  A commonly encountered reproduction part exhibits a screw hole for a center scabbard fitting screw.

On most Bergsmuller examples, the fittings are nickel plated steel (will stick to a magnet).  Eickhorn examples are often found made of solid nickel.  Commonly reproduced parts are solid nickel.


Rarity Very Rare.