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Railway Water Protection Police Dagger. Railway Water Protection Police Dagger 

Manufacturers This dagger was manufactured exclusively by the Eickhorn firm.

Construction Hilt parts are silver plated aluminum, with ferrule rings burnished in the recesses.  Scabbard is steel construction.  Blade is polished steel and exhibits the squirrel-holding-sword Eickhorn logo.  Grip is black trolon.

Rarity One of the rarest, if not THE rarest, daggers produced.  Estimates are that less than 12 genuine examples exist in collections today.

Variations Although a gold model was allegedly produced, genuine period examples of this variation are extremely uncommon.

Warnings Convincing examples can be assembled from scavenging parts from an Eickhorn Army dagger and an early 1938 pattern Railway dagger.  Such examples can usually be discovered by inspecting the scabbard rings.  Additionally, reproductions exist with solid brass pommels.  Original examples are aluminum.

Railway Water Protection Police Hangers (with black leather that has faded to brown).